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PROFESSIONAL QUALITY OF LIFE SCALE ( PROQOL) COMPASSION SATISFACTION AND COMPASSION FATIGUE ( PROQOL) VERSIONWhen you [ help] people you have direct contact with their lives. As you may have found, your compassion for those you [ help] can affect you in positive and negative ways. Below are some questions about your experiences, both. Quality Of Life Scale A Measure Of Function For People With Pain ain is a highly personal experience. The degree to which pain interferes with the quality of a person’ s life is also highly personal. The American Chronic Pain Association Quality of Life Scale looks at ability to function, rather than at pain alone. It can help people with pain. How to assess the quality of Your Life? The following questions ask how you feel about your quality of life, health, or other areas of your life. I will read out each question to you, along with the response options. Please choose the answer that appears most appropriate. If you are unsure about which response to give to a question, the first response you think of is often the best one.

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    The self- perceived quality- of- life scale is a psychological assessment instrument which is based on a comprehensive theory of the self- perceived quality of life ( SPQL) and provides a multi- faceted measurement of health- related and non- health- related aspects of well- being. The WHO Quality of Life Scale- Brief ( WHOQOL- Brief), still in field trials, is a subset of 26 items taken from the WHOQOL- 100. The same steps for scoring WHOQOL- 100 should be followed to achieve score for this version. Although scoring the brief version is identical to scoring the WHOQOL- 100, there are some differences that need to be addressed: