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What happens in the first scene of the Magic Flute? In The Magic Flute, there are two types of characters: simple and noble. One of the themes of opera is that you need different kinds of people to bring about peace and harmony. Every Prince Tamino needs a Papageno. So, have your students pay attention to the music Mozart gives every character. What makes Mozart’ s The Magic Flute stand out from other operas? that you have to keep the Magic Flute still for 45 seconds. If 45 seconds looks long then beware of the fact that the Magic Flute is using new technology and stands really on the edge of what is possible today. One very important aspect of the Magic Flute is that you can adjust the flute to your own personal needs. The Magic Flute was one of the last pieces Mozart wrote during his short life and there are many aspects of the opera that make it stand out amongst all of Mozart’ s operas. First of all, The Magic Fluteis a singspiel( zing- shpeel). The Magic Flute Synopsis ACT ONE Scene One A young prince named Tamino is being chased by a serpent through a valley.

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    What is the Magic Flute? Encourage your students to listen to the music of The Magic Flute as well. Contact Joshua Borths at Arizona Opera org) if you need any teaching materials, study guides, musical excerpts, etc. The education staff at the Arizona Opera is here to support you. What to Exp Ect from the magic flute THE WORK: the magic flute ( Die Zauberflöte) an opera in two acts, sung in English music by Wolfgang amadeus mozart Libretto by Emanuel Schikaneder English translation by J. mcclatchy first performed September 30, 1791 at the freihaus- theater auf der Wieden, Vienna, austria PRODUCTION James Levine, conductor. The Magic Flute Synopsis ACT ONE Scene One. A young prince named Tamino is being chased by a serpent through a valley.