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The IPO process The IPO process consists of three distinct parts: A. Planning – understanding your objectives and honestly assessing your readiness. Execution – running separate IPO workstreams to deliver key requirements. Completion – selling your business to potential investors. To drive this process it is critical to have an IPO. What is the IPO process flow? The iPod, a digital music player, works by storing audio and video files on a hard drive. A graphical menu system allows users to access and play files. The device integrates with iTunes software on computers to back up files and purchase new media from the iTunes store online. In an IPO a company’ s owners sell a portion of the firm to public investors. This is usually done through an underwriting process that looks and acts a bit like a pyramid. The company negotiates a sale of its stock to one or more investment banks that act as an underwriter for the offering. The IPO process is intensive and time- consuming, and will require substantial attention from all participants. • Understanding the basics of the process and the different work streams that need to occur at different points in the process will help participants anticipate workflow and time commitments throughout the process. Flow Chart of IPO Process Approval of Board: An approval of the Board of Directors of the company is required fo raising capital from the public.

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