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The definition of inequality is a difference in size, amount, quality, social position or other factor. An example of inequality is when you have ten of something and someone else has none. 22 Peterson Institute for International Economics EDUCATIONA ESOUCES How to Fix Economic Inequality? An Overview of Policies for the United States and Other High- Income Economies F or decades, a gap has been growing between the rich and poor in advanced economies, especially the United States. Then the coronavirus pandemic struck,. Inequality has always been – from Rousseau, to Marx, to Sen - a major reason for a criticism of the existing economic and political order; political economy perspectives on inequality have generally focused on two questions - capitalism’ s income distribution as the source of inequality, and the possibility of redistribution through. social justice but rather to contradictory analyses of the economic and social mechanisms that produce inequality. Indeed, there exists a certain consensus in regard to the fundamental principles of social justice: if inequality is due, at least in part, to factors beyond the control of individuals, such as inequality of initial endowments. How do you write an inequality problem? To write an inequality, use a bar model to write and solve equations, solve an equation using the inverse operation, convert a real world situation to the problem, write an inequality from a word problem, solve inequalities with inverse operations, represent an inequality solution set on a number line. INEQUALITY AND ECONOMIC GROWTH Joseph Stiglitz Introduction In the middle of the twentieth century, it came to be believed that ‘ a rising tide lifts all boats’ : economic growth would bring increasing wealth and higher living standards to all sections of society. At the time, there was some evidence behind that claim. Economic inequality, an introduction. Maurizio Franzini and Mario Pianta.

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