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ATV312HD11N4 variable speed drive, ATV312, 15 HP, 25 kVA, 397 W, 380 to 500 V 3 phase supply Main. Altivar_ 312_ ATV312HD11N4. pdf Author: ECAT Created Date:. Why does my atv312ppppn4 drive exhibit leakage current to ground? ATV312HD11N4 variable speed drive ATV312 - 11kW - 25kVA - 397 W - 380. 500 V - 3- phase supply. pdf Author: Catalogue Retriever Servlet. ATV312HD11N4 Datasheet ( PDF) Show All Show Less Product Compliance USHTS: CAHTS: ECCN: EAR99. FEATURED PRODUCTS SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC. Where can I find the installation manual for the altivar 312? How do I use interference suppressors with atv312?

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    83 Kbytes: Page 3 Pages. Note 1: Use interference suppressors on all inductive circuits near the drive or coupled to the same circuit ( relays, contactors, solenoid valves, etc). Note 2: This diagram is for the standard ATV312 products. Optional communication cards may change the control wiring of the product.