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What is the next step in reservoir rock properties? Reservoir Rock Properties LABORATORY MANUAL December. 1 Resistivity measurements of fluid- saturated rocks ( Exp. 9) 56 References 58. Reservoir rock: A permeable subsurface rock unit which contains petroleum. Rock sequence: A progression of layered rocks often illustrative of specific stratigraphic characteristics. Salt dome: A circular or elliptical, positive salt- cored structure which vertically penetrates or deforms the surrounding sediments. Fundamentals of Reservoir Rock Properties discusses several essential rock properties needed for petroleum engineers and geoscientists. The topics covered are porosity, rock compressibility, permeability, fluid saturation, electrical properties of reservoir rocks, wettability, capillary pressure, and relative permeability. The next step is the evaluation of reservoir rock properties which are basically three pieces of data: Porosity ( the capacity of the rock to contain fluids) ; Saturation ( the relative amounts of these fluids) ; Permeability ( the ability of the fluids to low through the rock to the well bore).

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    The most prominent features of reservoir rock are porosity, permeability, and fluid saturations. These properties related to the pore media system and its fluid distribution and flow forms.