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ČSN ENA1: - Canceled Customers who have agreed on their computer from ÚNMZ service CSN on- line- for electronic access to the full texts of standards in pdf ( version for companies or individuals) may open directly quoted CSN here. H: \ Normen\ SNEE\ Kausel EN 115- 2. This European Standard gives rules for improving the. safety of existing escalators and moving walks. = > Aims to reach an equivalent level of safety to that of a newly. installed escalator and moving walk by the application of. todays state of the art for safety. Slipping on steps/ pallets/ belt and on landings 2 Description of the risk Landing areas and tread surfaces may not always provide a secure foothold given the operating and environmental conditions. risk reduction measures Provide secure foothold on tread surfaces and landing areas. reference to eN 115- 2 Please refer to clauses 5. Download EN115 Free in pdf format. About Us We believe everything in the internet must be free. La norma ENAcción correctora para adaptación a Norma EN115- 2 Nivel de prioridad Apartados correspondientes a la Norma EN.

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