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There are around 180 irregular verbs in English. This is a small fraction of the many thousands of regular verbs. Nonetheless irregulars make up 70% of the verbs in everyday use. Most verbs are regular verbs. Regular verbs are those whose past tense and past participles are formed by adding a - d or an - ed to the end of the verb. " To roll" is a good example of a regular verb: roll, rolled, rolled. Regular Verbs present tense past tense future tense delight delighted will delight deliver delivered will deliver depend depended will depend describe described will describe desert deserted will desert deserve deserved will deserve destroy destroyed will destroy develop developed will develop disagree disagreed will disagree disappear disappeared. The difference between a regular and an irregular verb is the formation of the simple past and past participle. Regular verbs are dependably consistent— the simple past ends in ed as does the past participle. Regular Verbs Infinitive Present Past Past participle French 1 To add add( s) added added additionner 2 To ask ask( s) asked asked demander 3 To boil boil( s) boiled boiled bouillir 4 To burn burn( s) burned burned brûler 5 To change change( s) changed changed changer 6 To close close( s) closed closed fermer.

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    Regular verbs

    txt) or read online for free. Scribd is the world' s largest social reading and publishing site. Open navigation menu. What are some examples of regular verbs? What is an example of a regular verb?