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test scores were slightly worse than Lea symbols test scores ( p 0. 047), primarily because more children were unable to pass the monocular 10/ 100 card for the HOTV test than for the Lea symbols test ( 2. The percentage of identical results on HOTV vs. Lea overall was 67. 3% and increased significantly with age. When the results were. the tests use LEA Symbols® for testing children. What Does the Screening Test Evaluate? Visual acuity screening tests evaluate how well the child sees small objects far away. What You Need to Do the Test: 1.

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    The Lea Symbols Chart consists of lines of four different symbols, arranged in combinations of five symbols per line. The symbols on each line are smaller than those on the line above. The Lea Symbols Chart distance visual acuity test has been shown to be. A: Yes, the LEA Symbols® test performed extremely well in the VIP study6 and is recommended by the AAP and others. Several research studies have also reported that LEA Symbols® are suitable and recommended for young children. 7, 8 Q: What is special about the LEA Symbols® test? A: Lea Hyvärinen, MD, created the LEA Symbols® in 976.