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The proposed system is attempted to solve the patient records management problems that are facing in many clinics. Clinical management system ( CMS) is a computerized patient record system. The main purpose of the system is to reduce the burden of doctor and nurses and improve the patient records management system. The first in the list is an Open Source Integrated Hospital Information Management System that is hosted on sourcforge. net and absolutely free to use. data record and retrieval. This system will be able to generate report regarding the clinic operation. For example, the number of patient per day and total collection per day. This system is able to check the inventory for the medicine in the clinic. The target user for this system is staff of the clinic, doctor and also the management.

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    Clinic management system

    system can manage the business process, a lot of works are able to automation and no need manual operation. Clinic management system is one of the software that available in the market and able to help the business process of a clinic. In Malaysia, there are many clinics no matter in public sector or private sector. What is clinic management software? What does a clinic manager do? Clinic office manager duties typically include overseeing the billing, managing and supervising the staff and acting as a customer service representative to the patients. In addition, the clinic office manager acts a liaison between the clinic employees and the doctor or doctors that work at the clinic. provide an efficient and systematic management environment within the clinic. In addition, this system is able to produce repository of data and provide simplified reports to the user. Studies were conducted on current manual process and similar clinical management system.

    What is clinical data management system?