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In telephone conversations, it is common that we use modal verbs, question tags and short replies. Modal verbs We use modal verbs to express different meanings and achieve different purposes: Model Verbs Meanings/ Purposes Examples Can/ Could Ability Birds can fly. Permission Yes, you can go to the cinema. She could come if you. What is an example of dialogue in a phone call? Starting and Ending a Conversation I. DIALOGUE BOX Comprehension Check 1. Why wasn’ t the caller able to contact the office the other day? What does the caller want from Mr. How does the secretary start the phone conversation? Do you think the secretary did the right thing? What is a dialog for everyday use? What are some examples of informal phone conversations?

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    Example business conversation

    a telephone conversation usually ends with each speaker saying good­ bye. When your students perform this dialogue, it would probably be useful, therefore, to have each of them say good­ bye. What happens at the end of a telephone conversation? D ialogs for Everyday Use aresituation­ based, the emphasis being onrealism and naturalness to the extent that these are possible within the limitations imposed by a short, self­ contained text. The speakers express themselves naturally in the way native American speakers might speak in certain everyday situations. otherdialogs, and suggest additional examples that can be used fordrills on the structure in question. A naudiocassette is available with the booklet and is a necessary componentof the audio­ study unit. Starting conversations in business- Roleplays and phrases Choose one of the situations below. Start a conversation and introduce yourself. Do the whole conversation each time, from the natural start to the ending. Start a conversation with someone you don’ t know who is attending the same conference or trade fair